Tutorial on Ultrasound Evidence in Phonology

LabPhon16 Satellite event

June 19, 11:00 - 13:30
Room 10.1, Main building

Short description:

Articulatory data can provide evidence for phonological analysis that is missing or poorly represented in transcriptional and acoustic data. Ultrasound imaging is increasingly common, but its potential, limitations and interpretation may be unfamiliar to some. This tutorial will provide an introduction to ultrasound imaging, the use of ultrasound with special populations to examine development and impairment, and the increasing potential of 3D real-time ultrasound. A survey of some phonological issues that have been addressed will be presented, and two hands-on sessions will allow attendees to try the technique and to discuss what ultrasound evidence might bring to their research.


11:00-11:30. Ultrasound in Phonology – Doug Whalen
11:30-12:00. Ultrasound applied to Language acquisition - Aude Noiray
12:00-12:30. Hands-on Session – 2D ultrasound
12:30-13:00. 3D/4D Ultrasound – Steven M. Lulich
13:00-13:30. Hands-on Session - 3D/4D


D. H. Whalen
City University of New York/Haskins Laboratories/Yale University

Aude Noiray
University of Potsdam

Steven M. Lulich
Indiana University

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